What happened to my game?

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Hi everybody. A couple of days ago I tried to log on to HoD at an area probably out of wireless reception, and a message told me to re-log with internet connection. When I did that, suddenly all my gold mines in the game got screwed up with all their timers set to "935 days and so n so hours", all but one (which was re-captured by the computer and after I re-conquered it, it worked fine. Logging out and back in didn't fix it.
Any suggestions to help me get back my income source?


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    With the game long disorder, but Glu is silent and no updates...
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    Good Morning,

    I am a user of the game Heroes of Destiny and sadly realized that you no longer support the game and releasing missions .

    I would request the opening of missions , for a time , so that all players can exchange their prizes.

    And most importantly , to evolve the weapons we need stones that are only achieved in the missions . I also suggest that exchange this form of evolution, or make available items , including rune weapons in stores . Or as a daily prize, no matter .

    We know that the game can be modified as the company's strategy , but how we spend real money, it is appropriate for a company the size of Glu not only give satisfaction to customers as support .

    Anyway , as a marketing strategy , I believe the team could return to the dynamics of the game normally and set a deadline for the closure of its support , thus giving a chance for us players , organize ourselves better.

    That would change the image that the company left today , since before the incident, I myself would not play any more of the Glu and do such advertising to my friends . I would love to change my opinion, but only depend on you.

    Thank you for your attention .

    Hopefully meet my request .

    Looking forward to responses .

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