Help! Please.Read X2 problems

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Problems in level x2 I have 2 out of the 5 gems but game will not let me enter into battle arena to earn more. Also what does icl box mean?


  • 5hady5hady New Member Registered Users 54 Posts
    In the game if it's showing an icl prize box for a level that means you've already beat that level for the normal reward and now you get a random prize out of an icl prize box. It won't tell you the reward until you beat the level. It's usually an egg, coins, sparks and occasionally a battle drink.
    If you've beat all the levels upto the battle arena then it should let you enter it. Once you beat it you can't go back into it and play again for more prizes. But, once you beat it the next island should open up with new levels to play and another arena to earn more gems to complete the belt. Which I'm sure reaching level XII you've done and seen before.
    If it's not advancing you like it should you can try turning off the phone/device you're using and then back on, then reopen the game and see if it works correctly after that. That resets your connection and the game without losing your data, and usually fixes any glitches the game occasionally has.
    If that doesn't help and you still can't advance in the game like you should be able to, I would write customer support for the game and hopefully they can fix the issue.
    I wish you luck with your issue and hope a simple restart fixes it so you can get back to playing.
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