Taking a run

Maida_gcMaida_gc Experienced Member172 PostsRegistered Users
Jose Reyes, David Ortiz & Robinson Cano - Black Friday Promotional players I want them all.

I have the gold (see post in free gold thread), I did very well, I have 300K worth of cash, will try and add as much money as I can to that, would like to get to 500k. I'm going to run at all the late round draft picks, 2nd round draft picks, then spend the gold drafting!


  • Maida_gcMaida_gc Experienced Member 172 PostsRegistered Users
    Man I don't think I have the cash yet. Oh well I'll grab Reyes and wait til I get closer to the 1.5 million that was suggested.
  • StarCatStarCat Experienced Member 269 PostsRegistered Users
    I thought it was Starlin Castro, not Jose Reyes.
  • KingdinglingKingdingling Experienced Member 211 PostsRegistered Users
    StarCat wrote: »
    I thought it was Starlin Castro, not Jose Reyes.

    You have Jose Reyes?
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