Reached level XXX and now?

marcolomarcolo New MemberRegistered Users 2 Posts
Hello everybody, I've reached level XXX and completed all the islands, and now what? There are other levels? How to go ahead in the game? Thank you for your support!


  • marcolomarcolo New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hi, I've received 53 views and no one has answered:-(
    I was just wondering how to go ahead in the game now that I've reached level XXX and completed all the islands.
    Is there a way to go ahead with the game? How to get the highest creatures?
  • Ber843Ber843 New Member Registered Users 17 Posts
    We are all waiting patiently for the game creators to do something.
  • MidTownMidTown New Member Registered Users 10 Posts
    As Ber said, we all wait for new contact, hopefully a tournament!
    Meanwhile, use this time to collect spark and create new creatures, be ready for whatever coming!
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