Have I made a terrible mistake saving to trade for a #1 pick?

jays9293jays9293 New MemberRegistered Users 18 Posts
I'm upgraded to 6's all around, so my only use for cash is to get drat picks (although the new leagues may be worthy of 64k). I generally need about 9-13 players to get the option to trade for a 1st round draft pick. I figured I'd try to save up to see how many players I need for a #1, but I'm well into the 40s and still am only offered a 1st rounders.

I'm too deep into this investment to give up and take a 1st round in exchange for 45 players (I could have gotten 3-4 1st rounders already), but I don't want to keep saving players if I'll need 100s to get a #1.

Any one know how many players I'll need?


  • Clark22Clark22 Experienced Member Registered Users, Member 324 Posts
    It depends upon the quality of players. I've had it in about 30 before and as many as 120
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 841 Posts
    Usually, if you have 5 4star or higher guys in your inactives, you should have the option for a #1 pick.
  • Maida_gcMaida_gc Experienced Member Registered Users 172 Posts
    Stick with it. Maybe you hit it rich, which is a little more likely than the 3 1st rounders. A Long shot still, but good luck.
  • jays9293jays9293 New Member Registered Users 18 Posts
    Turn out I only needed to stick with it for a few more picks. I got my #1 with 46 players to trade. I got Gason Vargas (4* starter 4/8/6), which was an upgrade over one of starters, so it was worth the wait.
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