Ares HV2 Minigun Accuracy Shows Zero..

msi1msi1 New MemberRegistered Users 5 Posts
Just won the Ares Minigun in this last event. I have upgraded the gun to the first 30% accuracy node. Now the Accuracy bar shows zero... this happen the last time when I won this gun in the event before Glu did an update and set my progress back to the beginning. So is Glu going to fix this glitch...or are They going to reset it. .. Glu! You told me the resetting the game was only going to happen once...hope you keep your word. Question for everyone who reads this, are you having the same problem?


  • JeffparrishJeffparrish New Member Registered Users 7 Posts
    YES,every upgrade I do I get reset back many levels at once and all I worked for was lost and I am a computer tech!The only solution is for GLU to do is #1let us save our own games, #2 Let us control our own overwrites on saves, #3 let us load our own saves and give us 2 slots for saves! UNDERSTAND GLU?????????????????????????????????????????????????
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