don't update game....

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Recently glu updated the since the update I have lost all progress. ...lost all tier weapons won or purchased... lost all suits won or purchased...lost over 4231 node points....lost all money which was close to 3 million...I was at a level 41 before the update. ..updated the game and it put me at level 3... WTH, sure like to know GLU is how your going to fix this for I and others...sent a ticket in and still no response... Think GLU should do better testing before putting out their updates... also the cloud don't work either... I tried reinstalling the game but no success... Sure Sucks..Thanks.


  • msi1msi1 New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    I am wondering if anyone else on this forum has the same problem. Also has it been fixed for you.
  • hgarcia6hgarcia6 New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Same problem here. My data gets lost all the time and I just keep playing the game. After several redos the game slowly begins to catchup, but I still have to keep redoing missions. After a while I am getting annoyed by it and I have lost suits, weapons, game money, RP, GP, and worst of all time. The one thing I noticed that is saved is your GP (glu points) and droids & HP balance, even if you have spend them. But you will loose what you bought or used them for. I don't what to do? I guess just uninstall the Robocop and buy an XBox.
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    Great idea, GLU needs no customers because they don't treat us as customers they treat us as if they are paying us to play!!!
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