Get massive gold coins!!

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Has anyone else found the glitch in the "Watch video for free coins"? I have been farming coins all day. It has been giving me unlimited videos to watch and earning lots of coins. It was so cool, I download the same game to my android phone, and now earning twice as many. So far I can earn about 400 an hour. Awesome! Check It out.


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    Change title to Get Massive Virus or Generate Massive Spam.
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  • SubH2OSubH2O Experienced Member Registered Users 603 Posts
    Others have reported the bug before. Both subsequently got flagged for video abuse and were banned from watching videos.
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    I do 5 a day, no more.
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    cant find the so called free video gold app u are talking about
    link me
  • gman6419gman6419 New Member Registered Users 21 Posts
    I got 4,039 gold coins in 2 days before I lost the "watch the video" feed. I think that by deleting the " .adc" file under my file manager helps. If you find the file and open it, you will see the names of a list of AdColony files. These track your progress. Has anyone else gave this a shot?
  • Bill1957Bill1957 Advanced Member Registered Users 972 Posts
    I'm sure because you brought it up here it's been fixed.
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