I think I'm done with this game

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Okay, I played this and enjoyed it right up until region 9. But when Glu basically nullified my hunter bucks (over 50 million), that really ****ed me off. It takes forever to earn enough crystals to buy these new guns, and the contract hunts are as boring and repetitive as ever. So all that money I saved up playing endless contract hunts in region 8 so that I could advance quickly when we got new maps is now totally worthless. It mystifies me; truly, it does. I mean, I could possibly understand it from a business perspective if Glu was selling you crystals like they do with gold and bucks...but they don't. So there's nothing in it for them to do this, other than just spitefully "steal" all our hard-earned money. It's almost like they read the posts *****ing about the slow progress of region 8, and decided to flip us off by taking away all the money we earned and making us basically start over.
Enjoy. It's horrid, but quite short.


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    I know I have about 150 million myself and can't even use the to wipe my a***
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