Anyone go through long dry spells?

dtrain987dtrain987 Experienced MemberRegistered Users 198 Posts
So I've been playing this game for about 3 weeks now. Incredibly fun and addicting. Just got to HOF level and I have a decent lineup. But over the last 24 hours it just seems like my entire team can't hit. As soon as I beat the MVP playoffs yesterday it feels like every single batter just sucks! This is even including open games I've had against lower level teams too (can't even hit a 2.5* pitcher on a guy in the Pro ranks).

I don't think I've been doing anything differently. After all I put up 8+ runs and 14+ hits each game in the MVP playoffs. Does anyone else go through times like this where it just feels impossible to get hits? I even had Altuve for 5 games and he is hitting under .150. I know, small sample size, but still. It's getting frustrating! This is my current lineup for what it's worth:

Jose Reyes 7/3/9
Jacoby Ellsbury 6/5/9
Nelson Cruz 6/9/4
Kole Calhoun 7/6/4
Joey Votto 7/5/2
David Wright 6/3/5
Chase Utley 6/4/4
Coco Crisp 5/5/8
Kurt Suzuki 6/2/2

I had Erick Aybar 7/2/7 at SS/DH for my first 200 games and he hit over .350. Now I've got guys like Cruz and Calhoun and I can't hit anything with them. Hope it's just a long annoying dry spell that will end soon...


  • Detroit tiggersDetroit tiggers Junior Member Registered Users 53 Posts
    I have had dry spells as well, just have to remember baseball is a game of averages. I have also had spells where I had 3 players hitting over .400 so it tends to work out over time. Also remember the game is about timing of your "swing" so I can imagine game players can also "tighten up"
  • jemicjemic Experienced Member Registered Users, Member 297 Posts
    The base probability does not stand at your side. I also had such things before. My entire lineup was locked down by a 3.5 star pitcher whose stats is 6/6/7.
    I believe the ball I choose to swing is 100% straight fast ball because the speed of ball is too slow so I can see the track more clear.
    LiverpoolFC has explained about how the upgrade level impact your game.
    Let's say you upgrade your batting coach level to 9 and each level will increase 3.8% to get hits. That means you can have
    (base probability x+9*3.8%) chance to get hits. If your base probability is 30%, you will have 64.2% chance to let your batter be on base.

    The problem is that if ur base probability is too low, you will be probably dominated by any pitcher of your opponent's team.
    Though your batter's stats are good, the game will still not be "EASY TO WIN".

    Like the previous post, the baseball game tries to balance things in average so the dry spell is just a part of life you have to be use to that.
  • jays9293jays9293 New Member Registered Users 18 Posts
    I always find that when I win a playoff series and move up to the next level, my winning percentage goes way down for a while. I figure it has to do with the fact the teams I'm facing have been at that level longer which probably means they've had more time to upgrade and get better players.
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 841 Posts
    Yes there are definetly ups and downs. Ur team should rebound as long as u stay up with team upgrades in hitting.
  • Cagatey01Cagatey01 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    ^^^ agree. Stack right handers on 1st 3 pitchers. If u have a right handed starter with a 9 stuff. Get ready to use ice packs to reuse him. Anything lower then a 8 stuff and you are asking for a big inning from the Legends.
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  • ~Lawman~~Lawman~ Experienced Member Registered Users 370 Posts
    I've had that happen to me as well. Like the advice given before me, just play it out, this game (like baseball) is all about averages.
  • princeofheckprinceofheck Experienced Member Registered Users 103 Posts
    Same here. Just when you think you've got a hitting system figured out, your team getting dominated by low to average-rated pitchers totally change your perspective.
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