they don't make 3 noral series anymore for each region? ar, snipe, and shotty?

DinoDeerHunterDinoDeerHunter Experienced MemberRegistered Users 144 Posts
all special gadget from now on?


  • DinoDeerHunterDinoDeerHunter Experienced Member Registered Users 144 Posts
    what happen to the normal series?
  • Max SterlingMax Sterling Experienced Member Registered Users 311 Posts
    what happen to the normal series?

    That is an excellent question DDH. We're all having a tough time trying to comprehend what's going on with these newer regions. They had it right to begin with, what possessed Glu to do this? I understand that a little change is good but not like this. They completely threw away the old system and replaced it with with this s h I t we have now. Why? And who? What halfway sane person would do this? There is No way that whoever OK'd these last 3 regions actually plays this game. Like TF said, they handed this game off to the cleaning lady to run.
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