Win Streak Tiers Tip

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This has been the only way I have found out to go up in the win streak levels. Have never made it to tier 15 though. Most ever wins I have had in a row was 38. Here is what you do. Get you a maxxed out bike in AMX and use a 75% engine boost if you have one. Perfect tap boosts are good as well. Any boost that kicks up your bike. You will need these in Motorcross and Step Up. You will not need any trick boosts. Now go to your tricks and put your highest rated trick in the first box. A 95 or higher is good. In 2nd and 3rd box put your very first 2 tricks in those boxes. Those are rated up to 40 and 42. Now look at your trick average. It should read 60 or below and that's what your opponent sees. Speed and Style and Freestyle are not any problem now. You can't be beat. When you get higher in your win streak that's when it gets tough. Game will start matching you with higher tier bikes in Motorcross. The game doesn't want you to reach win streak tier 15. Have tried many times with the Banshee with perfect taps thru everything and still lose with the other player either cheating or with a lower tier bike. Yes this is also a cheat or is it? Perfect taps are the key in all the races. To me you work the game to your advantage but not cheat. And anyone that does hack the game just to cheat is no better than dirt. Those individuals in my opinion need to be placed in front of a firing squad and shot. That may sound harsh but what good are ya if all you know how to do is steal from others who earn it.


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    Ace....the game doesnt have be honest..there are not many playing this game. It has its major flaws...people just stop playing. The top spots on the leader board are fiction or employees of glu.

    The game is designed with major flaws to make you lose so you spend money. Dont be fooled. It happens in lower lvls as well as higher lvls.

    They dont even allow you enough cash to advance to the highest lvl unless you grind it out for days or spend money.
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    Posted some helpful tips to achieve win streak. You can play for days on end with the gold and energy it gives you the higher you get in tiers. It starts over after the 3 runs at 50 but with bike and trick boosts getting back up there is not a problem.
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    Thanks for sharing these interesting post. How to save money when the game still level up quickly?
  • k177749k177749 New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    I've won 50 in a row twice W/O a Banshee. It can be done. Not buying a Banshee till I Win enough gold. Up to 715 now. Almost there.
  • k177749k177749 New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Finish in the top 5 almost weekly. Have won top prize only once because yellow quad man usually posts a ridiculously high score. I do not have a Banshee & I don't spend much money. I assure u I am very real.
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