New Approach to Run on All (4.5* 5*) Players

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For those with IOS systems that aren't iPad Air 2, this might be the way to go. Most of you know that if you have an IOS device that's anything less than an iPad Air 2, if you obtain all the players via Late Round Picks > 2nd Round Picks > 1st Round Picks, you won't be able to edit your pitching staff.

This approach below will likely take a long time, or it could take a short time under fortuitious circumstances (explanation below).

I started by playing the Four Star Knockout Tournament. Autoplayed all games (if you win four straight in each tournament round, and you get your 200 gold entry fee back, plus a player). Of course it's impossible to win all games, so it's going to cost you some gold. But doing this a lot can put you high up on the Daily, then Weekly, Leaderboard, where you can earn gold back. Playing that tourney I nailed all 4*, then 3.5* and then 3* players. Afert doing that, my strategy was to draft only #1 picks, during a draft pick sale.

But here's where fortune smiled upon me. Starting at around 7 pm (EDT) this last Friday night, running until about 7 pm on Sunday night, there were non-stop 4 gold videos. Primarily they were Ford Focus ads. I amassed a boatload of gold. Then late Saturday night, there began a sale on draft picks (225 gold for #1 Picks). On Sunday I started drafting, and I got nearly (but not all) the 4.5*-5* players (including all but 1 RP) before I ran out of gold. And I can still edit my pitching staff. There are some small probs: some lag and odd glitches, but workable.


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    I mentioned this along the same lines in the chat room. I think it kills two birds with one stone as you can get daily/weekly rewards but your team needs to be good enough to win frequently in the tourney first and then you are set.
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    Got Duffy and a bunch of solid 4* relievers through the 4-star knockout tourney over the past weekend. The bonus was getting Miguel Cabrera as the top reward at a fraction of his cost. Hopefully, a good 5-star pitcher is offered at the next fan rewards event to make the tourneys worthwhile.
    Of course, there were some frustrating moments having to lose 4 straight tourneys just to get some 2nd rate starters and relievers out of the way. Time consuming as well even when using autoplay.
    Also playing 4-star battle to drain the position players.
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    How many players total did you end up with that we're 4*, 3*, and 3.5*?
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    I'm at the 3 star players now. Takes forever bro
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    I'm guessing that you should be able to go through the entire 3-4* list as denoted in an earlier thread. Haven't done many tourneys since the last rewards event. Waiting for the next one, which should be this weekend, to resume 4-star knockout tourneys.
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    All of the 4.5 and 5 * guys are approx. 160 @225 gold = $36,000 gold correct.
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