Completed the game???

HarroldmarkHarroldmark Registered Users 1 Posts
I have completed 314 of 317 but can't find the other 3? Any ideas, can anyone help?


  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    we are waiting for the area to the south to open up in an update. You can see the castle if you pan around down there...
  • RubiconRubicon Registered Users 13 Posts
    I also have the 314 of 317. I assume there is not currently an area with the 3 that are missing? That last fight was tough, but I still cant beat the incredibly hard Dungeon Mission. I cant even beat Mission 2. Frustrating. Any tips to beating this?
  • BonvibreBonvibre Registered Users 2 Posts
    I too have 313/317 & beaten everything excepting Jaral. I feel like I gave wasted the weeks playing. Do the makers not want me to play their other games?
  • Wineman89Wineman89 Registered Users 19 Posts
    Seems like they've basically abandoned the game. Never see them reply to anything on the boards which they should be doing. It's too bad because I like the game, but you'd have to be crazy to spend any real money on it now. Maybe if people did stop spending money they'd work on fixing the bugs & updating things. I've bought gear with bonuses (Attack, Hit, etc.), but you can't tell any difference on most of them, so they seem to be broken. Who knows because the devs can't take a few minutes to reply!
  • EziekialEziekial Registered Users 166 Posts
    yes they stopped doing updates last Nov/December. was an amazing game but no new content. I was the first to get to 314/317 and asked the same question but no answer. out guess was it was from the 3 portal lvls you beat once and then disapper when you move to the final zone in the south.
  • markybanalomarkybanalo Registered Users 4 Posts
    This's suck. No update for a looong time so sad:(
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