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<not sure how to articulate this so please bear with me>

Do you think the same pitcher can perform differently for different teams? Or do the stats all come together over time? Here's what I mean. A lot of folks here think very highly of Cueto and Fernandez. But for me, they have performed very poorly:

Cueto: 4.55 ERA after 83 innings
Fernandez: 7.84 ERA after 31 innings

These stats are against humans and computer (Bonus games, primarily, although everyone on my team performs far better against computer). Have I just not given them enough innings? Will their stats improve over time? Part of it may be that I've been playing frequently against someone who hits every pitcher exceedingly well, and this particular player may be skewing the stats. (Strasburg, Scherzer, Grienke, Tanaka and Price have been destroyed as well, but over far fewer innings).

How have Cueto and Fernandez performed for you guys?

Kershaw, King Felix and Madbum have performed consistently better, with ERAs in the mid-twos after boatloads of innings (thousands). I just can't seem to settle on the final two pieces of my rotation.

I can say the same about relievers, too <But I have found one potential hidden gem: David Robinson (2.08 ERA after 50+ innings).>


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    Of all the pitchers you mentioned, Cueto did the best against both human and computer players. My starting rotation of Cueto, Sale, Felix, Kershaw and Fernandez all have eras under 3.00. Felix the lowest at 2.08. But he's faced mainly computer teams. Kershaw and Fernandez are highest around 2.70- 2.80 era. And that's with thousands of innings under their belt against both human and computer. I think if your pitching upgrades are at a 9 they should be very good against the computer. (Not including the Legend playoffs) and human games are a wild card depending how good they can hit. Funny, for me Robertson preformed the worst of my relievers and I gave Holland the spot over him.
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    What is your upgrade level of pitching stuff? I suggest to upgrade pitch coach/calling to 9 and then observe the ERA.

    Cueto and Fernandez's ERA is 2.xx after 200 games for me in legend division.
    Their ERA will raise after the legend playoff but will come back after several games.
    I believe their ERA will not be normal after facing many human players because it depends on the talent of the one who plays against you.
    To be fair, I will use some certain number of sample games playing with computer and observe the ERA change during testing.
    I agree with Amused opinion. The ERA will come back to average after amount of games.
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    Jemicand Amused, thanks for your insights. Cueto, King Feliz and Cueto shined in my one series vs. Legends. jemic, I'm looking forward to your analyses - you're the best at that! I'll keep giving Fernandez and Cueto more innings, see how they shake out over time. I do think one of my regular opponents in particular is skewing the numbers, because he's able to hit -any- pitcher I throw at him (pun intended).
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