Anyone know Takeda Shingen Max Level Stat????

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Hi All, have anyone can tell me different for Takeda Shingen or Spear Horseman , which one prefer to use? Thx :o


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    If you have over 500 gems to waste, then you might consider Takeda Shingen since its stats are better, but I think those gems are better spent toward upgrading several other skills. It takes my kunoichi 12 seconds to destroy a level 4 gate which supposedly takes 10,000 to destroy. it takes either 6 or 12 seconds for my kunoichi to kill Takeda Shingen depending on if it is a golden ally or not. Therefore I'd estimate a normal level 11 Takeda Shingen has about 5000 health. He does more damage than the spear horseman. Considering that it costs 34 gems to upgrade him to level 2 and the gem cost only gets more expensive for each level it doesn't seem worth it to use him unless you have the golden ally. If each upgrade only costs 4 gems more than the previous upgrade, then it will cost 520 gems to get him to level 11. Most likely the cost to get him to level 11 will be 700-800 gems. Some advantages of using the spear horseman over Takeda Shingen is that it costs less to summon and the summon allies skill can summon a spear horseman, but not Takeda Shingen.
  • davidkim06davidkim06 New Member 31 PostsRegistered Users
    Oic...Blitz, can i ask u, u prefer upgrade Froties , bowmen or horse archer to max level? Because 3 also good for flying enemies...
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    I'll prefer bowmen with the rifle smith. They will dish out the most damage since you can have 5 bowmen (5 x 172 = 860) for every 2 horse archers (2 x 325 = 650), but the rifle smith increases damage by about 80% so 860 x 1.8 = 1548 which is 2.38 times the damage of the horse archers. It seems like the horse archer shoots faster than a bowman so the difference in damage might be less than 2.38 times. I also like the fact that you don't lose your rifle when the rifle smith dies. Surprisingly the bowman also has more health than the horse archer. Frosty is good for slowing things down, but if you have a kunoichi you don't need Frosty because the kunoichi has the flash bomb and can also use lethargy. The hand maiden might be better than the horse archer because they have a faster recharge time and probably do more damage.
  • davidkim06davidkim06 New Member 31 PostsRegistered Users
    Oic, thx Blitz reply & give me value opinion =) Actually i still considering should i upgrade zato to max level or not, since he max level health is 13500 , can tank enemies damage =)
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    Zato makes a great tank, deflects ranged attacks and costs a lot less than Nobunaga to fully upgrade. If you upgrade him, please post his health, damage and gem cost for each level and I'll update my chart.
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    ok, no problem, if i upgrade Zato , i will update let u know :)
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    Takeda Shingen Level 11 is 6200/1000

    The Takeda can basically be used as a temporary shield while other mounted allies are also pushing the front. Before I upgraded the Takeda to max, I was using Zato as a tank to push the front. However, it became apparent that Zato can't march as fast enough.
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