Level 11 Askari Al-Musawi (Mac version of the game)

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I am playing the Mac version of Frontline Commando (the first game).
At the moment I have been stuck at the level 11 boss fight against Askari Al-Musawi for some 3 weeks now.

Anyone beat this level without glu gold?
Any tips for beating this level?


In this level several waves of enemies are sent. Each wave comes with a pickup truck with a mounted machine gun in the back and a driver that is shielded. After taking care of the truck AND the fighters, the game sends another wave of truck + fighters. As I understand it through a Google search on this level some 63 fighters and a bunch of trucks is to be defeated to beat this level.

This is my approach:

Since the mounted gun is extremely strong I first snipe that one. The driver is protected by steel shields on the car windows from that angle when it first drives into the battlefield. Next I take out fighters in the field until the car swerves across to the exit of the battlefield to the side. At that point the rear window is in view. This is unshielded, providing the only opportunity to snipe the driver. (Failing to take out the driver will result in defeat).

I only have free guns, I am not spending hard currency on glu gold. The prices for that are so insane I am not even tempted. But that would be a topic for another thread. :rolleyes:

The aim of this level is to defeat all enemies before the timer runs out. And here lies the problem. Although most of my attempts end in death, occasionally I manage to surviver uncharacteristically long, but only to find that the timer runs out and I end in defeat anyhow. I simply cannot kill them fast enough.

At the moment I have only one last resort left in my mind:

I will keep loggin in daily for the daily bonuses. I fight this impossible level once or twice every day. Eventually the daily bonuses will provide me with a number of airstrikes and medkits. With these I suppose I can kill more enemies in a shorter time, and keep myself alive if I fail to move fast enough. I have been sitting through almost a month of daily bonuses. I have saved up 6 airstrikes and one medkit so far. The 15 daily bonuses give at least 1 medkit, which I am sure to not spend anymore, until I have at least four of them. No thunderbolt so far, not counting on it either, but I am sure that having that would benefit greatly. :cool:

This final attempt will be at least 1 or 2 months in the waiting still before I have a bunch of kits. Until that time this game has lost all of it's playfun. :mad:

Now I have Frontline Commando 2 on my phone, but I played that through already. I would like to get back to this first installment of the game and finish that as well.

But I would much appreciate a quicker way than the lengthy process described above.

Anyone have bright ideas that I have not attempted yet?
Who beat this level without glu gold?


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    I still have not beaten this level.

    I have however gone through the 15 daily reward cycle for at least 3 times now, and on the latest 15th day I got the grenade weapon.

    Woot! :cool:

    So, it does help me get further in the level, as now I am able to get the cars right as they roll up in view, instead of only when they leave the area. Also this weapon enables me to kill several opponents in one shot when they are grouped together.

    But I get no further than 44 kills so far.

    By now I have accumulated some 13 airstrikes and 3 medkits. I might choose to use my 35 Glu gold which I saved up from beating boss fights on getting more medkits. But I feel averse to this, since I have more than half a mind to beat this level even without those free glu gold coins.

    Stay tuned for further updates. Although it will be a while yet I think because I will wait for more medkits.

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    Last update: I beat the level. Thanks to the day 15 reward gun from the previous post.

    It is true, 63 enemies, 5 vehicles.

    [deleted sentence]

    WOOT, the game goes on after level 11, I have new levels to beat after all.

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