Duffy'd the Legends!

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My 2nd team, BenevolentGnomes, finally made it to the Legend playoffs a couple of weeks ago. They lost the 1st 10 series, only taking it to game 7 once. Series 11, I had just drafted Danny Duffy and having read so much praise about him on this forum, I decided to give him a try.

I should note, I have him in QLDorigin's inactives and he had not done well when I had used him.

So the Gnomes win the series 4-1. Duffy starts all 5, gives up 3 runs in one of the starts and only 1 run in the other 4 starts, going 6-7 innings each game. He left with the lead in the 1 game we lost but the bullpen gave it up.

Since then, he pithed one auto-play tourney game and one game vs human player and got shelled both times.
Guess he was hot at the right time!


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    yup he's the legend killer but kinda sucks against seasoned vets...
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