Danny Duffy!!

dross1991dross1991 New MemberRegistered Users 46 Posts
Danny Duffy has to be one of the top underrated players in TSB2015. He has been lights out for my rotation. Im currently at MVP Level and 1 win from the playoffs. Who else has had/have great success with the Duffster?? Here is Duffy's current stats.

W-L: 23-0
GP: 34
IP: 226.0
ERA: 1.91
ER: 48
K: 163
BB: 83
H: 131
K/9: 6.5
BAA: .161


  • J.LeeJ.Lee Experienced Member Registered Users 146 Posts
    Yeah it's the same in 2014. Duffy is one of those guys a lot of people don't know about, he does exceptionally well
  • nyynymnyynym Junior Member Registered Users, Member 86 Posts
    Yes he does. In general those with a 9 for stuff perform great .
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