customer service sucks! Locked out of tournament for weeks

MikeTheTerribleMikeTheTerrible New MemberRegistered Users 36 Posts
Has anyone had any luck getting glu to help them with any issues? I have been locked out of tournament mode for about four weeks waiting for customer service to respond. They are the absolute worst!


  • thesheriff33thesheriff33 Experienced Member Registered Users 97 Posts
    I've had the same issue since May. They didn't respond til the end of June, and they did nothing and now I'm starting the cycle all over again
  • MikeTheTerribleMikeTheTerrible New Member Registered Users 36 Posts
    I tweeted to the CEO of glu. "Congrats on being the CEO of the company with the worst customer service in the history of the world" if we could get about 100 retweets perhaps someone would take notice. But who knows.. Dude makes more than Mark Zuckerberg so he probably doesn't give two ****s. Check me out on Twitter...@michaelLwithAm and retweet!
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