blue ring draft and 8 gold video

freedom507freedom507 New MemberRegistered Users 26 Posts
Blue ring draft suddenly cost 20 rings instead of 15rings...#$%^%%$

Just so annoying and frustrating...:mad:


  • BommbsOverBaghdadBommbsOverBaghdad Experienced Member Registered Users 163 Posts
    sigh. i noticed that too. if you didn't notice, they also reduced the reward for second place in blue ring leagues by one. just trying to make it harder to get good players so you'll spend money. if customer service wasn't completely terrible, they'd get far less people demanding refunds and less people would be so cautious to spend money for their games in the first place and then they wouldn't have to screw over the non-paying customers (who still give Glu money because of ads btw). everybody wins.
  • ch23ch23 New Member Registered Users 19 Posts
    They treated us again!!!

    And my championship game is still not working,I can't get any green rings.***!!!
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