Event cheaters

ThorinOakThorinOak New MemberRegistered Users 10 Posts
Rambo Juice is obviously cheating. He has 236,000 event points in an hour. 2nd place is at 1,200.


  • dross1991dross1991 New Member Registered Users 46 Posts
    They aren't cheating. They are getting multiple game win streaks. They are using 100 gold every 5 games & playing opponents that they whoop on easy. I had 200k on a event a few days ago
  • Tony167Tony167 Experienced Member Registered Users 392 Posts
    If you have the gold to spend its not that hard to get a big streak. I had a 56 and 47 game streak in last weekends event. Just used the 80 gold boost every time I felt I needed it
  • ThorinOakThorinOak New Member Registered Users 10 Posts
    Yes it's possible to have a big score. Getting 236,000 in an hour is not. He has 100 times the second place score
  • dtrain987dtrain987 Experienced Member Registered Users 198 Posts
    236,000 only takes about 30-32 wins in a row. I have auto played a streak that long in far less than an hour before. It's definitely possible (probable) that it's a legitimate score.
  • J.LeeJ.Lee Experienced Member Registered Users 146 Posts
    It is completely possible. I get to 100k easily in 20 minutes, and 200k isn't a problem either. Those games are made to be auto played anyway
  • hoguey803hoguey803 New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    So how are you getting that much gold every few days to be playing these long streaks?
  • J.LeeJ.Lee Experienced Member Registered Users 146 Posts
    By getting the 800 gold every event.
  • Gothams1883Gothams1883 New Member Registered Users 43 Posts
    I used to think the same thing but I just recently had a 30 win streak, my first ever! And I got to 245k points within an hour. It cost me almost a 1000 gold but you get 800 back once you hit the 200k mark. It's the guys that get over a million points that are BS!! Good luck!
  • FirehombreFirehombre Experienced Member Registered Users 120 Posts
    It's not bs if you play a lot and spend the money for the gold. I did that a couple of weeks ago and went over 1 mil and was far ahead of second place. I did this because I wanted the #1 reward which was Sabathia. The bs was that after winning the event, I only got the second place reward. I spent good money for nothing.
  • JdportJdport New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    ****, new event is only 30 minutes old and already at least 2 ppl have over 400,000 points. Makes the events kind of stupid and pointless. Its just who has the most money to throw away.
  • ch23ch23 New Member Registered Users 19 Posts
    Why their games didn't crashed on fast autoplaying......
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