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Good night, already published one topic on the part of bug android racing rivals forum but as it does not even tell me anything I will explain here what happened the player blue gas in 1308 made ​​race cars to bet I bet my Acura NSX because I did 1 time 10.400se little more not know for sure and he time of 11.000s also do not know for sure but to get to the end of the race asks me to restart the game I did not think that by going to lose the car because when the race just asked me again to restart the game so did the problem and I lost my Acura NSX . I do not know if it was bug or hack but even being unfair bug I lose my car liked aimed at my situation because I even like the game because of cars bets instills desire to play, until now not bet more my cars up to be resolved this question because one thing and another and losing just erder unjustly without another matter
the best I thank lengths answer as soon as possible thanks


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    Hey there,
    I have lost my account and have sent more than five reports already without getting a reply from the customer support so I hope I get some help here because I have bought most of my cars using real money at least I want my cars back. . Si I'm waiting for a support for more than a week so plz contact me
    My email: [email protected]
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    Don't spend any $$$$ we are on strike!
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    hi.... can help me...? I'm cannot connect my acct.. my driver id is ( xxx im reds xxx) many time i try to log in.. last time i use this email but after I'm uninstall this game and install back i cannot log in back as this id. how can i get back?? please help me.. I'm really need this acct back... this id ( Mr reds ) my old acct but I'm already lost car on pinks. cannot finishing my camp race coz lost car. that I'm doing new acct as id name is ( xxx im reds xxx ) but now i lost cannot log in.. im really tired if need to starting game from first level again... please help me..
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