Teleporting spiderbots?

volrath77volrath77 New MemberRegistered Users 26 Posts
I noticed this happening in several scenario & spec-ops missions namely, first the sound of an approaching spiderbot was heard, then it appeared in the distance, went behind some obstacles and then suddenly it was already in front of the cover. As in it simply blinked in. In some cases, the bot didn't even pause but just ran and exploded against the cover, inflicting damage, which in turn led to waste of medpacks in some cases.

The HKs, Termies and garden-variety spiderbots are already grave hazards to the health of Resistance operatives but teleporting spiderbots? Seriously? Is it a bug or just a hiccup as the phone processes the game data?
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  • Samer MadbakSamer Madbak Senior Member Registered Users 1,247 Posts
    Hate the spiderbots. Always unpredictable and dangerous.
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  • ChopDuelChopDuel New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Hate the spiderbots. Always unpredictable and dangerous.

    I noticed that bug too. I don't think Glu would be fixing anything soon. so expect it to be frequent.
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  • volrath77volrath77 New Member Registered Users 26 Posts
    So you guys experienced it too? Good to know I'm not the only one in this.
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  • StardomxStardomx New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    Yes. I experience it often. Even today. I guess it is glu's way to limit players success rate.
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