Unable to max out weapons even if All upgrades bought

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if you notice the weapons stats, let say starting at 158 / 250, and after upgrading it at each level, the attack increases. However if you reach the last tier, where the upgrade cost plasma, the attack does not max out as indicated. It should be, on the given example, 250/250, right? Instead it doesnt max out, is this a glitch? I hate to waste spending plasma and maxing out a weapon if the last added attack damage doesn't add at all.

I hope this gets a fix.. Or is there something I need to click on to max it full stats?
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    Agree with the poster above. Where is the option to upgrade weapon ammo type from DU to HEI and from Plasma to Plasma+ / 2.0? Is that option actually still there? If so, where's that upgrade button?

    This upgrade option has been missing since the new update. Does this have to do with taking out the specific weapon requirement for Spec Ops missions?

    Even if spec weapons are no longer required & only those with sufficient power is enough, taking out the option to upgrade ammo type (which adds attack power before) means that we can no longer max out weapons. Why is this? Frankly speaking, I don't want to have to buy new weapons until I really have to.

    Edit: Btw, I've already fully upgraded my current weapons upgrade trees but none of them maxed out because of the missing ammo change option above. So, when can we expect a fix for this?
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  • volrath77volrath77 New Member Registered Users 26 Posts

    Pics for illustration - stuck at 1016/1028 & obviously the remaining 12 would've come from the ammo type option (had it still existed). So, just to check on this but are you guys working on a fix yet?
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    This issue has been fixed, you will likely need to download the latest update from the app store to see the fix.
  • volrath77volrath77 New Member Registered Users 26 Posts
    Noted & thanks.
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