JoeChamp1, whaaaaaa

tbattitbatti Experienced MemberRegistered Users 433 Posts
Ok, I've played the guy 6 times and won each game. He just goes off and rants that I use cheat software to beat him in a game and others think I cheat etc.....whaaaaa whaaaa. Others have played him said the same thing, if he loses you must be cheating. At the end of the day I think he is #1 because he will only plays weak opponents and auto plays multiple devices to get the numbers to be all-time #1. I've actually lost to his supposed son bmanischamp and he plays better than him. LMFAO.

All the regulars here know I get beat all the time and am one of the easiest going players to play against. I just think everyone that has a decent team should challenge him. Don't rebuttal his angry rants if/when you beat him. Just thank him for the game and move on. He is the worst loser I've ever seen which makes winning that much sweeter.


  • Mixx MastersMixx Masters Experienced Member Registered Users, Member 189 Posts
    YESSSS... That's the way to shut his BIG Head up.... We know your not a cheater don't worry bout it my brudda
  • thesheriff33thesheriff33 Experienced Member Registered Users 97 Posts
    I hate it when people complain and moan whenever they lose. It is a game, if you get one that's close it's all you can ask for. The fact he gets this upset over a game shows how over the top he is. I'm glad you beat him tbatti. Keep pounding him
  • tbattitbatti Experienced Member Registered Users 433 Posts
    Apparently he says if I play him he will report me to GLU for harassment and have me removed from the game. He says he done it before. If he wasn't such an arrogant piece of work I would walk away but he just eggs me on. LOL. I didn't know playing a game is harassment with no bad commentary from me was against the rules. I hit random and got him. Is it against the rules to hit rematch lol.
  • ViagraPowerballzViagraPowerballz New Member Registered Users 45 Posts
    I went ahead and played him today. No real verbal exchange. I won and he actually didn't whine or accuse me of cheatin. He didn't rematch either lol.
  • ReplicantsReplicants Experienced Member Registered Users 105 Posts
    I beat him with both of my teams before I had all the players. He was very hostile. If I could have jumped through my phone and knocked his teeth out I would have. He's a little beautch.
  • ReplicantsReplicants Experienced Member Registered Users 105 Posts
    And TBatti, if you beat me again I'm going to report you too, lol
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