withdrawning from tournament

StarCatStarCat Experienced MemberRegistered Users 269 Posts
Friends, I regret to post that I am withdrawing from the tournament. Some of you know that I was reluctant to enter, but I did. But I have too much going on in my life right now - nothing bad, just overwhelming work and family commitments this summer, precluding having the time and focus to play. I'm sincerely sorry, and I hope you good folks will understand. I'll be more engaged soon, but I right now I cannot keep the commitment necessary to finish tournament games in a timely manner. I wish tbatti the best, and I hope he wins the tournament :)


  • tbattitbatti Experienced Member Registered Users 433 Posts
    Sorry to hear bud. Talk you soon.
  • StarCatStarCat Experienced Member Registered Users 269 Posts
    We'll play again, if you're up for it when things calm down here.
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