What the hell is this?

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I was running PvE and was up to well over 200 million points at the 4th place and then this:



Just how the hell did my score went from >200 million (I can't remember just how much - maybe around 240+ million or so) to -1.7+ billion?

Do you guys know just how many secondary weapons & $ wasted by this!!! I am going to be exceedingly ****ed off if I don't get that Daedalus shotgun because of this ****up!!!
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  • volrath77volrath77 New Member Registered Users 26 Posts
    As a note and to bump this up, I've also sent PMs. Please check.

    EDIT: Had to fight my way back up. Either there's something wrong with the weapon bonus or there's something wrong with the PvE table. After several tries, it went again to -1.8 billion whenever I tried to get past the person placed third on the table, one John Wilcox or something. Is this tourney fixed or what?
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