This game is fun BUT OMG what a RIPOFF

MikeTheTerribleMikeTheTerrible New MemberRegistered Users 36 Posts
I've read horror stories WAY worse than this but I figured I'd post it to see if anyone else had this happen. Players unexplainabally disappear from my roster, then later on, when I spend 300 gold on a #1 Draft pick.. They come back. ***?? Most of the time they aren't players that I would miss. I have about 200 inactives but I remember my players... The first obvious one was Dee Gordon who was my starting 2nd basemen. I bought a number one draft pick and received Sean Rodriguez . Stupidly, they put him in at second base automatically. I went to change it back to Dee Gordon and he wasn't on my roster anymore. I emailed customer service, you know how that goes, nothing got done obviously. A couple weeks later I spent 300 gold for a number one draft pick And got Dee Gordon again. Another one I noticed was Tim Stauffer. This was a three star player I probably would have never used but I remember getting him and I considered using him. One day I spend 300 gold for a number one draft pick and I receive Tim Stauffer again?! I look at my inactives and there is only one Tim Stauffer. At one point I had Jesse Hahn twice. That is absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous considering how difficult gold is to come by and how expensive it is to buy. Has anyone else had this problem? It SO frustrating!!


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    I've purchased 3 300 gold packs and only got a reliever that is 3 stars or less. Horrible.
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