Need to restart, please help

Creepy Coin CollectorCreepy Coin Collector New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
So I deleted my game, not logged in to fb or email or anything, because I want to restart. When I reinstalled it, I had my old team! This never happened before, is there anything I can do?


  • PJDodgerPJDodger New Member Registered Users 38 Posts
    I think the only option now is to sign in with a different Facebook or Google+ account.
  • K-DK-D Experienced Member Registered Users 378 Posts
    creepy coin collector... go into settings in baseballl game and tap logout. And also All you need to do is make a email through yahoo or wherever if you dont have a 2nd one then log out of your existng account and start a new game and save it with new email. Can do same thing with facebook. Many people have multiple accounts by doing this
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