Wolf McCallisterWolf McCallister Experienced Member132 PostsRegistered Users
I'm wondering if there is a list of the various Tournaments/Leagues at each Division. For instance, is there a tournament in one of the divisions where you win 5* players? How much does it cost?



  • HCBCREATIONSHCBCREATIONS New Member 9 PostsRegistered Users

    The Best of Best (Dash or League) costs 800 gold and current prize is Jose Abreu. The sad part is someone that does not need a "regular" 5 star will win it. The second prize is 1000 gold.
  • Wolf McCallisterWolf McCallister Experienced Member 132 PostsRegistered Users
    What about a tournament? Any way to get 5* from that?
  • FirehombreFirehombre Experienced Member 117 PostsRegistered Users
    Nope, I've seen nothing but 4.5 stars from the tournaments
  • Tony167Tony167 Experienced Member 392 PostsRegistered Users
    The best of best bracket tournament is where you get the 5* players from. (I got most of mine from this tourney)

    But since the latest update, and the ratings changes I've heard that it's only showing 4.5* players.
  • Jim berryJim berry New Member 22 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I got Abreau from this tournament. The next player is Machado and I don't need him, as I already have Beltre. I'm curious if anyone knows who comes after Machado. I'd rather not spend the gold if I don't need the next player. Thanks, Jim
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