League stuck?

RGHallJaysRGHallJays New MemberRegistered Users 2 Posts

Yesterday about 20 hours ago I paid for and tried to load a league. It's still loading. Has this happened to anyone? Is there a maximum # of leagues you can play at a level? I'm going to have to move up prematurely if it doesn't load because I can't load another now.


  • K-DK-D Experienced Member Registered Users 378 Posts
    Yes it happened often. You can move up regardless it won't affect it and eventually you will get a withdraw option and it will give you what you paid back there is no limit to leagues you can play per level
  • Tony167Tony167 Experienced Member Registered Users 392 Posts
    usually the withdraw button will not appear on the weekends until the fan rewards are over . So give it till then and you should be able to get the entry back
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