Tournament Stuck

AmburgersAmburgers New MemberRegistered Users 7 Posts
A few days ago I paid to rejoin a tournament after losing. I believe I lost connection at that moment. Now that game appears but when I hit play I hear the bat sound but nothing happens. I can't start another tournament and can't play in the one I'm in right now. I've submitted a ticket in the app a few days ago but haven't received any communication. I've deleted the game, reinstalled, unlinked and relinked Facebook account and still that one game is stuck and I can't play in any tournaments. Any suggestions? I am on iOS. Thanks.


  • AmburgersAmburgers New Member Registered Users 7 Posts
    Anyway to find out where I am in the support queue? This same tournament game is still stuck and haven't received a reply yet from support. My name in the game is Amburgers and have submitted a few tickets with email [email protected] Thanks so much!
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