Hit rating of 8, but batting .215?

jays9293jays9293 New Member18 PostsRegistered Users
I drafted Molina as a 4.5* catcher - 8/4/2. I was expecting big things from his 8 hitting rating, but after 400ABs he's batting .215. My old catcher, McCann (4/9/1) was hitting .235 and making up for the low average with great HR productions.

All my players with hit ratings of 7 are batting over .300.

My hitting coach was at 8 (now 9), so that's not the issue.

I've seen this before, and great hit rating but no actual production - is this a common thing?


  • Thirty ThreeThirty Three New Member 33 PostsRegistered Users
    I think regardless of rating, some players are designed to have higher averages and higher HR per at bat. I used to have Jayson Werth, who had an 8 rating for HIT and was .275 and Justin Upton is a 7 HIT and was .280.
  • Tony167Tony167 Experienced Member 392 PostsRegistered Users
    Could just be bad luck too. Molina batted .346 for me in 4700 at bats . He was great
  • BommbsOverBaghdadBommbsOverBaghdad Experienced Member 163 PostsRegistered Users
    it's just plain bad luck. i don't believe it's that common to be that bad for an 8 hit guy but i'm sure you're not the only one. it's not like every players' stats are set in stone based on whatever their ratings are. some can be really good, others bad. his average will start to creep back up eventually. relatively speaking, 400 ABs isn't all that much really.
  • Pull Out KingPull Out King New Member 17 PostsRegistered Users
    I'm a strong believer that if your opponent's Pitch Calling and Pitching Coach upgrades are a 6 or above, then AI in that regard will trump your batter's hitting ability. I saw my best hitters' averages fall precipitously after I got to the Elite level.
  • J.LeeJ.Lee Experienced Member 146 PostsRegistered Users
    It will go up with time and more at bats
  • Butthole PleasuresButthole Pleasures New Member 23 PostsRegistered Users
    Molina is hitting .328 after 7022 ab's, he's been very solid for me. If you're auto playing a lot your averages will be lower compared to if you play manually. In TSB14 Molina is hitting .387 after 1285 ab's, but I've never auto played in that version.
  • jays9293jays9293 New Member 18 PostsRegistered Users
    I gave him another chance and he's now over .300 after 900 ABs - meaning he's been crushing it since I posted this.

    Thanks for convincing me to give him another shot!
  • tman97266tman97266 New Member 7 PostsRegistered Users
    Now if he is batting that low of an average during auto play, the. I would be worried. If ur personally batting quite abit and striking out, certainly ur average will reflect it.
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