Where should I use gold?

ThorinOakThorinOak New MemberRegistered Users 10 Posts
I'm not going to spend real money and I can't win gold from events without spending gold. The only gold I get is from videos. My skills are all 6/9. Should I save to improve skills, buy #1 picks, or save for more elite players? My team now is mostly 4* except for a couple position players.


  • tman97266tman97266 New Member Registered Users 7 Posts
    U have a tall mountain to climb for sure as alot of ur peers are spending money on players. Bottom line, everything takes money.'if u can stay in the lower leagues u might b ok. Im in legends with a really good team and i meet alot more stiff competition than i did in The lower Leagues. I would do 1 drafting myself as u need good players. Whatever u do, dont be like alot of us (including myself) and get addicted a d spend way too much. Its only worth it if u have alot of disposable income.
  • Gold4CheapGold4Cheap Banned Banned Users 16 Posts
    I can help you 280,000 in Gold for $40.00
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