Can't open tier 5 (iPhone)

MolonLabeMolonLabe New MemberRegistered Users 3 Posts
Since yesterday I have been unable to get to open Tier 5 of the game. I am able to:
See Start screen
See "shop", where I can upgrade bike and tricks
See US map
Open Tiers 1-4

Tapping on Tier 5 still displays the menu bar (back button, gas, energy, level, etc.), but the content area is empty/black. What's the deal? Can I expect it to work soon?

Also, for quite some time, I have been unable to get to the leaderboards.



  • MolonLabeMolonLabe New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    Any news on leaderboards? Still can't get to them. All I get is: Connecting... and "please wait" style animated icon. No way I'm buying any more gold to refill PVP energy until weekly rewards return.
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