Legend Relief Pitchers

ReplicantsReplicants Experienced MemberRegistered Users 105 Posts
My top 10 wish list

Mariano Rivera

Dennis Eckersly

Rollie Fingers

Dan Quisenberry

Tug McGraw

Kent Tekulve

Goose Gossage

Jeff Reardon

Sparky Lyle

Bruce Sutter

Hopefully they will be added.


  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 841 Posts
    Rivera and Eckersly are two of the all time best. And Eric Gagne from 2002-2004 was also the best at the time. (Despite his HGH usage)
  • ReplicantsReplicants Experienced Member Registered Users 105 Posts
    If Glu could pull off Eckersly's 70's porn mustache and Tekulve 's side arm pitch that would be epic. Lol.
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