customer care "Redtrunk" then post deleted

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I made a post/thread yesterday and had 2-3 people respond with similar problems. A user named RedTrunk offered to help and told me to contact them, but my post/thread has now been deleted, after a few people said they had the same issue. What the heck is the matter with customer care in this company ? do you guys just try to make a bad situation worse?

I'm guessing I need to explain the entire situation, again? I had Nikhil for customer care, who was terrible and didn't help, and my user is the same as here superapids135.

problems are game glitches
1) i showed evidence of my club not receiving the payout for 1st place for a club event
2) i tried trading for mookie betts and after the trade was accepted I lost my 3 players (kipnis, lynn and another Im forgetting) and i lost my gold and these players were taken off my inactives and I never received betts. ***!
3) customer care took 12 days to even respond to my request and now to even get assistance I am desperately messaging on a message board??? Whats wrong with this picture? Shouldn't I have received help in the in game ap? Whats wrong with you guys? Do you want to alienate those who play your game? I love the game, and have spent too much time and money on it, but the response or lack there of from customer care makes it even worse.

Some assistance at this point would be nice. And if this is deleted, I'm officially done/retiring from the game.


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    Pretty sure u posted on the 2016 forum and it's not deleted....this is the 2014 version
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