Redtrunk....someone is lying....

bootopiabootopia Registered Users 114 Posts
Still trying to get this issue resolved regarding last week's server issues. According to the in game customer service people.....they're still "investigating the issue".

Do you guys not communicate? Are they blowing smoke up my ***? Are YOU blowing smoke up our asses?

Tried to reach out via PM but I'm not sure how that works on this mobile layout but I can provide screenshots of the entire exchange btwn myself and the in game customer support.

Someone on the glu side of things is being incredibly dishonest. We weren't one of the super elite teams. I think we finished like top 25 or something. At this point it's not about the reward as much as it is principle.


  • bootopiabootopia Registered Users 114 Posts
    What's the bet that this will fall to the bottom with no reply?
  • BuckFutterBuckFutter Registered Users, Member 40 Posts
    Yep, I guarantee that nothing will be done for you in regard to this. I'm in the same boat, and received the same BS boilerplate response, almost a week after the fact. Just contact Apple/Google to get all the money you spent on this travesty of a game back. I've done so, and so have lots of others.
  • Dustis1232Dustis1232 Registered Users 45 Posts
    What do you tell google to get the refund
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