Threads about game being ruined...and accusations of cheating

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I've read many posts about folks being accused of cheating and complaints about Glu's lack of response. Here's my take...

I wouldn't go as far as say people cheated...but I would say they "exploited loopholes in the game". Any advanced players have "jumped in and out of clubs" for win streak protection. Is that cheating? No...I do this myself regularly and consider it a "loophole" in the game.

This isn't an Android vs. IOS issue. I know both Android and IOS users that have exploited loopholes for extra gold. Although, whatever your preference for operating system, the Android loophole was more lucrative.

This is a bit different from win streak protection. By exploiting the gold loopholes, you were able to build incredible teams of legends. Exploiting the win streak protection meant you could just extend a streak another game and potentially get a prime player.

If I knew about them, would I have used the loopholes and saved real money? Hell a heartbeat. If I knew that at some point in the future, my team built through real money could never compete against those teams exploiting the loopholes. It is like the age of steroids in real baseball...if you weren't juicing, you could never compete for the home run title.

The real issue is what do we do now...those of use who spent real money and can no longer compete? I don't see Glu remedying this for us...because they can't even get the rewards for last weekend straight. And rather than *****ing and accusing others of cheating, I would suggest you be proactive. Here is what I suggest and what I'm doing...

-Ask for your money back from Apple. I've done this already and it's in process...not sure whether it will go through. If they don't respond favorably, write a letter to the President of Apple and I assure you, this will get a response. I know a couple of users that are already expecting big refunds from Apple.

-Write Glu a customer service request from within the App expressing your frustration. I assume they'll respond with a boilerplate response...but at some point, if enough folks do this, it could have an impact.

-Rate the APP with one star and write a horrible review at the APP store.

-Don't spend another dime on the APP until you are satisfied.

I think the game is a blast and some of the social elements they built this year were quite brilliant. But they need to do better by their customers. Although my tone is even in this email...I am very, very disappointed with the App and Glu.


  • Mo$tlyB@dMo$tlyB@d Registered Users 42 Posts
    Amen brother!
  • 23mightymouse23mightymouse Registered Users, Member 40 Posts
    Very well stated
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    Visigoths - very, very well said. What is sad about all of this is that there are so many negative outcomes here.

    For Glu, anyone that didn't exploit free gold has no incentive to spend another dollar on this game as getting better players will simply mean auto promotions and the. competing against "artificially" created teams in higher brackets. Seriously...what would be he point?

    And for the guys that took advantage of the massive Glu mistake in allowing the only really important resource (gold) to be taken freely via a glitch, the "buzz" has worn off. Now going back to a world where gold is earned or paid for is impossible. I think we will see a ton of these players leave the game as well.

    Just frustrating to all of us who have built good teams (not great) by bracket hunting, finding great teammates, coordinating attacks, and winning (and losing) our share of Primes along the way.

    The only thing probably keeping us all playing at this point is that "sense of team" with the clubs we are in and not wanting to let it corny as that sounds for a **** app game.
  • VisigothsVisigoths Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
    BigWillie wrote: »
    The only thing probably keeping us all playing at this point is that "sense of team" with the clubs we are in and not wanting to let it corny as that sounds for a **** app game.

    I agree with you BigWillie. The only reason I'm playing today is I've met some really cool folks in the game. That is a bit corny...sticking around for the virtual friendships. But it's true.

    Here's why I think Glu hasn't acted on this. Something they have going for them (which they certainly know) is it takes quite some time to get to the point we find ourselves. Most players never make it this far. So, from their perspective, we are a very small minority. Why would they spend time or money helping a small subset of their customers? Obviously, we know it's the right thing to do anyway.

    For anyone taking action on last thought..."The squeaky wheel gets the grease". I've seen it time and time...if you want action, you need to take action...loudly.
  • InsertteamhereInsertteamhere Registered Users, Member 268 Posts
    Well said.

    I received rewards for 2 of my 4 teams so far. I imagine Redtrunk may take the weekend off and start back up Monday. I also received $80 back from Apple.

    I too enjoy this game and hope TSB '17 will level the playing field.

    Ill still be playing though.
  • ladyphillieladyphillie Registered Users 159 Posts
    BigWillie, Visigoths, very well said. I feel the same way. I'm upset with glu and would want to quit were it not for the friendships I've been fortunate enough to form, even though they are virtual friendships. I guess we are kinda stuck, huh? Not sure what comes next. But for me, the social aspect of this game has always been the most compelling.
  • VisigothsVisigoths Registered Users, Member 9 Posts

    Heard from Apple that my purchases will be refunded.

    So...I should rename this thread "Instead of Complaining...Do Something About it".
  • Mo$tlyB@dMo$tlyB@d Registered Users 42 Posts
    I don't care what anyone says, if you have a whole team of legends, you did not come about it FAIRLY. I have no problem with taking advantage of the "loopholes" and glitches that were available at the time. Just stop blowing smoke of my @$$ by telling me that you spent all the many hundreds of thousands of real dollars to get all of your team upgrades to 20, every legend position player and pitcher, and the thousands of gold dollars necessary to buy your club BOOSTS for every event. GLU just needs to re-instate every team that they put in "GLU JAIL" so that the same teams that you somehow missed detecting can have competition. Besides, exploiting a "Glitch" in your software is not cheating, we had to spend real money to take advantage of your "Glitch" anyway. Next time, create a software that has no possible way of exploitation, and maybe, just maybe, we'll see reasonable scores and more teams able to win weekend events, as you say, "FAIRLY".
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    Very well said, sir! I couldn't agree more. This morning I received a full refund from Apple for a substantial sum of money I spent on this game, and I will not be spending another dime until things are rectified for all the users that were screwed over time and again by Glu. Sadly, I don't see anything being done by Glu to make things right this year, so I'll hold out hope for TSB 2017... until the glitches and loopholes are all found and exploited and we're all back in this same boat a year down the road.
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    I don't know whats wrong with me I've tried 2 separate times with apple one time online chat other on the phone(today) and both times they wouldn't refund me they said that glu is the person you should be talking to and i told them i have I've tried to and never got anything more than an automated message.. I'm so frustrated can anybody help me possibly find a way that they will refund the money back to me.. and course i still never got my rewards and i told them about the crazy amount of cheating and they don't even so upset and lost...any ideas....i don't understand how so many people are saying that apple refunded them back and when i try they say we don't do that.
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