Missing Rewards (7/17)

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I have been getting the runaround with support on the APP for almost a month now. At this point all I want is the 800 gold for my club getting 5 million points for the weekend. Is there anything else I can do? Red's inbox is full of course. I have been talking with "Jerry" and he has asked for the same screenshots 3 times now. I basically get a response every 3-4 days if I'm lucky.

I have provided him with all of the answers he has asked for, including screenshots, and still have got nothing. Getting kind of ridiculous. The game froze up when I was clicking "see what I won" and then it was gone. Definitely didn't expect it to take a month just to get 800 gold, fake money.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • CHC16CHC16 Registered Users 6 Posts
    I'm still missing my rewards as well.
    some teammates of mine somehow got them while the rest of us still wait.

    Username: CHC16

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    Teir: 5
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    You aren't likely to receive anything at all from Glu, no matter how much you ask or how many screenshots you send them for proof. Contact Apple/Google, tell them your story about not receiving the rewards you earned, also mention the rampant cheating that has gone unpunished by Glu, and request a refund of every penny you've paid into this game.
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    To repeat what you said to me when I had a similar problem "cry elsewhere". "Poor baby" and "I guess you had a bad school day."

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