TSB should give everyone Jose Fernandez

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I love playing this game while watching baseball, but lets be real, for the majority of players this game expires once the World Series ends as we start to move on from baseball until the 2017 version is released. We are in the last few weeks of this games relevancy and considering all the problems this game has had, I think it would go a long way as a show of faith for Glu to throw us all a bone and what better way to do that than to give everyone Jose Fernandez as a tribute? I'm sure the majority of players wouldn't have any use for him on their team at this point, but why not help out those loyal players who as we approach October, would love to add him to their team.

All of my pitchers are prime/legend, but if I was granted Jose Fernandez, I would slot him in due to what an amazing human being and player he was despite it "hurting" my team's performance.

Do the classy thing Glu


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    This is a terrible idea. I face off against Rookie Kershaw or Bumgarner once every 3-5 games. I have to imagine under your proposal i can name 3 of the 5 starters on almost every team on my level. That doesnt make for a great variety.

    Whats more, how is this the "classy" thing to do? If the staff at Glu took a moment of silence, or any of them lead off a game with a HR, thats classy. Over populating a little game with a fluid stick figure is not class. Its altering the gameplay and outcomes for numerous teams. I can't imagine the early days of my team, sending my 2.5 star squad to face that beast, game after game after game.
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