Hacks have ruined this game

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I just advanced to the Elite level and am finding I cannot compete with these teams. On several occasions during league play today I am playing guys who are stacked with legend players. I am also aware that Android users have a very easy time hacking this game (I know of a few personally). I have elected not to cheat but to progress honestly. At this level there is no point. Glu needs to stop the cheaters like Proscouts and previously Robots. Weekend events are over by Friday no matter what bracket you are in due to cheaters. If you are reading this and are a cheater, what fun are you truly having??? You suck and have made this game suck. Congratulations!! You guys can spend as much time as you want cheating against each other. I'm out!!


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    Yes. I've brought this up many times only to have the "senior members" of this forum attack my points (since they know the hacks and don't want them exposed). I "retired" after doing so about a month ago, after my game was filled with filth from people. Tips
    1) don't spend money on this game
    2) don't expect anyone (glu) to care and actually correct it.
    3) expect people on these forums to be mostly rude, uneducated, and highly Incompentent
    4) expect most people especially senior forum members to know all these hacks, but never share them
    5) expect nothing from glu or other players
    6) too many people cheat and nobody cares
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    Wanna know what I used to do? Too bad I'm telling you anyway. Don't worry about "the perfect team". Focus on making the best team for your division and using it to help your club on weekends. I only take joy from helping win club events now. Just join up with a group of like-minded individuals and try to win. The lower your division the easier the competition, so if you advance too far and competition gets outta hand, just create a new team and try to keep it in a low division but with the best players/upgrades possible.
  • Superapids135Superapids135 Experienced Member Registered Users 368 Posts
    Ya that's a fair point and good advice
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    i just ****ped my pants, smells bad
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