Is Video for gold down?

llamasllamas Junior MemberRegistered Users, Member 86 Posts
Doesn't seem to work anymore. I usually get 40 a day on it.


  • Ellinas9906Ellinas9906 New Member Registered Users 30 Posts
    Yes it is. I beleive the last update changed. Limits you to a few gold a day.
  • Oakland RivercatsOakland Rivercats Junior Member Registered Users, Member 193 Posts
    Im getting the gold "watch video" button, but when i press it it enlarges slightly and does nothing. I'd understand if i saw a "no more video" graphic.
  • blueleopardblueleopard New Member Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    Some Android users are experiencing issues. Devs are working on that. iOS should be okay.
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  • OminouslyOminously Junior Member Registered Users, Member 75 Posts
    Wow its working for me now. Miracles actually do happen on this Earth.
  • AansAans New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Ios is not okay yet. I still have the same problem
  • blueskiesblueskies New Member Registered Users, Member 54 Posts
    The watch video for 1 free energy bar thing is down too. No video has worked for me today.
  • steelballsteelball New Member Registered Users, Member 47 Posts
    Anyone else having problems w getting rewards for watching
  • PHILLYPHANPHILLYPHAN Junior Member Registered Users 97 Posts
    Ios user and yes gold is not working says verifying from our partners and then nada. First GLU did not give out double gold now even 4 a video is not working. I thought they need ad revenue?
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