Sluggfest Event

moneypennymoneypenny Registered Users 1 Posts
I used to be able to reach level 4 on a regular I’m lucky if I get past level 2. It’s become extremely harder. Anyone else notice any changes?


  • Hookem4everroyalHookem4everroyal Registered Users 1 Posts
    Yes! Its been noticed widely! Myself especially. When i first began playing this game about 6months ago i was tearing thru slugfests pretty consistently up to at LEAST level 4 sometimes 5. But now even when my sluggers are higher ranked {gold vs. A silver or bronze} and my slugging power is way better also than the competitions during that level, i will do my DAMNDEST to try and BREAK BY THEM for a win on level 2!!! About round 3 nowadays. And the ooponent will have a shitty slugger to begin with, AND be in silver tier when my slugger is gold, AND bat power for me is about 134 and theirs is a 98-106ish and straight out the gate ill drive one for a first shot of 480ish and then their first shot scores in at 523!!! How the HELL is THAT even RATIONAL!?!?!
  • tommydukes1tommydukes1 Registered Users 1 Posts
    It gets harder as you level up...
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