INPUT NEEDED- Suggestions for TSB '17

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Hey All,

I figured the best way to inaugurate the new TSB '16 forum is to open up to developers comments or suggestions for the TSB '17 game. Post under here any sort of suggestions you have for the next iteration of the game. It makes sense to do it now, since administrators will be monitoring this site more so than the others. 

Please no disrespectful comments, as we want to make sure the forum thread is relevant and impacting to the developers at Glu.

Thanks all,

Royal Starfish 


  • Uw10Uw10 Registered Users, Member 66 Posts
    Let us carry our current team to the new game
  • SoCalWebProSoCalWebPro Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    edited September 2016
    If we make the jump from the hard work put into the 2016 season's game into the newly implemented 2017 version, receiving a bonus for being in the top tiers of MVP and up, would be a nice 'thank you' for those that made it. Taking this year's team and being given a voucher number for a team with at least a couple of legends equal to half of this years overall team average would be something to think about. Because games that do 'seasons' often leave a bitter taste in ones mouth when the prior season ends up basically meaning nothing and all the money, time, and effort was for not. 

    Yes, I know you can still play the prior season, however, lets be real... you're going to want to play the updated version, and to know that the prior season's investments were actually worth it, would be a nice change. 2K Sports missed the boat on that with their games so I hope it doesn't happen this year at Glu.
  • BattiBatti Registered Users, Member 75 Posts
    Pricing for gold needs to be realistic
  • KCChamps15KCChamps15 Registered Users, Member 50 Posts
    If we make the jump from the hard work put into the 2016 season's game into the newly implemented 2017 version, receiving a bonus for being in the top tiers of MVP and up, would be a nice 'thank you' for those that made it.
    I would definitely agree with that. Maybe you could even have a few different tiers, and those that completed the "Greatest of All Time" Playoffs would get something special. As it is, I was pretty disappointed by the fact that you get to the end of the level progression and the only thing that happens is you get to play another 1000 games and do the same playoffs over again.

    To be honest, I spent a bunch of money and too much time on this game this year, and if things reset completely then I am 99% sure I won't be playing 2017 at all.
  • InsertteamhereInsertteamhere Registered Users, Member 268 Posts
    This is closed now? 
  • RoyalStarfishRoyalStarfish Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    This is closed now? 
    No, the admins moved it from where it was originally to the suggestions thread, where it should have been
  • Oakland RivercatsOakland Rivercats Registered Users, Member 193 Posts
    Stats would be more relevant if they were made current.  Like say, have a "per 162 games" stat for in game display.  I see more value in ".270 16hr 87rbi" then ".270 796hr 3585 rbi" in terms of a 4 power hitting who has played 5387 games.  One makes him look like a Bonds-esque goliath, the other makes him look like Kevin Pillar.  

    Under my theory, itd be best to just have the last 162 games as to keep the 780 hrs he hit as an amature and the 16 he hit was as a veteran seperate and relevant.
  • Oakland RivercatsOakland Rivercats Registered Users, Member 193 Posts
    A "throw playoffs" button.  

    Im not going to win the playoffs, y'all can autopromote me when i made a mistake and have too many stars on my team.  Im going to lose the playoffs and play some bonus games.  Any chance of an abreviated option?
  • gocubsgo0128gocubsgo0128 Registered Users, Member 272 Posts

    Few Suggestions,

    Give players secondary positions (ie Kris Bryant can play 3B, or OF) just like in real life.  Maybe even allow SS to play 2b or 3b (common change in real baseball)

    Allow Platooning- I you can do different batting orders vs Lefties and Righties but Left hand vs right hand seems to have significant advantage maybe have a way where I can platoon a guy and Start the person based off which hand the opposing starter has (I think players should at least need to be subs, not from inactives) Also let us actually set the lineup we want not just whatever it defaults too)

    Comparing Stats- give stats for guys at current level and over all ( some of my stats were gotten 5-6 promotions ago and its hard to see who the true best players are)

    Give us opponent's due up-  Again Righty Lefty advantage is important, it would be nice to see who your opponent has due up to help decide which relief pitcher you want to use.

    Franchise Coins- At a certain point they become useless, give them additional uses.  One suggestion is if my starter is getting rocked in first 2-3 innings I can sub in and different starter, but it costs a franchise coin.  (this option should only be available when starter is struggling and you are asked if you want to bring in a reliever) 

    Allow trading between teams-  It would have to be even in terms of stars or something ( but I know I have some prime outfielders inactive, but I have 1 4.5* reliever, maybe I can trade the prime outfielder to my friend for his reliever, (even if this costs some gold)  


  • cjyoung433cjyoung433 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Share club resources such as players, bonus games, cash, etc.
  • StrikeTEAMStrikeTEAM Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
    Hey Glu how about cracking down on cheaters? If a rooted android is all you need to cheat TSB17 will just turn into another pi$$ing contest between hackers. Do something to protect the integrity of the game.
  • Angels 1961Angels 1961 Registered Users, Member 206 Posts
    The game needs to be less based on "Autoplay"
  • Angels 1961Angels 1961 Registered Users, Member 206 Posts

    Rewards for winning games should be based on division/team strength. A 5 star team has NO use for late round draft picks.

    Gold needs to be easier to come by and/or cheaper to buy. It should not cost $1000's to have a decent team. I think this is the MAIN reason people look for ways to cheat, and lets face it, they WILL figure out a way.

  • Oakland RivercatsOakland Rivercats Registered Users, Member 193 Posts
    5 star drafts.  

    Achievements between insane and impossible.  

    Club leadership best of 7 series.

    Level stats and career stats. 

    Trade boosts, like energy drinks, for literaly anything else.

    Prime Vladimir Guerrero. 8 9 6, but will have a 75% chance to make contact with any pitch thrown, regardless of location.

    Also, I'd like to add I love these games.  I was avid in '14, 15, and currently '16, and plan on comitting to '17.  Some things are done right (the game is just plain fun) some not so much (hate HR derbys and the worse drafting this side of the Cleveland Browns) but this game is the only steady app that I've never gotten tired of.

  • Angels 1961Angels 1961 Registered Users, Member 206 Posts

    legend Mariano Rivera 11 12 12

    ROSTER UPDATES !!!  (EX: Aaron Sanchez is a 1.5star reliever in this years game instead of 5 star starter)

    And agreed with previous comment on Guerrero, but more like 95% chance of contact

    DROP the HR derby

    DROP the crap prizes in mystery boxes. If I spend 2000 gold on a box (which is approx. $30 with GLU pricing) I want a GOOD player, not cash or franchise coins or draft picks which yield mostly 3 star players

  • gocubsgo0128gocubsgo0128 Registered Users, Member 272 Posts

    I get the idea of mystery boxes, but provide us some actual odds of getting the players, so we can make informed decisions.  Based off what I have done my guess signature/legend players are given about 1%-2% of the time.  That is terrible odds.  Make the chances someone reasonable ie 10%-15%

  • Angels 1961Angels 1961 Registered Users, Member 206 Posts
    MSUBEARS said:
    Let us carry our current team to the new game

    Would be nice, but no chance GLU is gonna allow that. Besides, there are lots of ALL LEGEND teams around that were not acquired fairly, and I don't really wanna keep playing them !!!!
  • BattiBatti Registered Users, Member 75 Posts
    Have clubs play each other 20 vs. 20 players for gold. NO autoplay
  • Oakland RivercatsOakland Rivercats Registered Users, Member 193 Posts
    How about a more numberical "vs" gauge.  There's a red bar that tells me I have better hitting then their smaller blue bar.  But what if my total hitting was 96 and his was 76 but his power is 68 to my 44.  I could gauge better a) why some teams are beating me b) where I am in terms of my level c) how are successful teams built.  Expand the system to include the bench, and ratings for SPs and RPs as well.  

    Compare speed ratings too.  I never understood why its never been a factor in team stats.

  • Oakland RivercatsOakland Rivercats Registered Users, Member 193 Posts
    A "Boost upgrades" gold option.  For 100 gold you can up all your upgrades for 1 game.  So a player with a 20 hitting can have a slight advantage with his now 21 hitting.  And 21 catcher 21 pitcher calling.  And so forth and so on.
  • GluFingerFkedGluFingerFked Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Teams have to be reset in order to clean up the mess from all the cheaters in previous version.  I think a suggestion would be to truly have the app work without glitches and ways for others to hack and take advantage of the game.  Also make the events wins and tiers pay higher gold.  It is nearly impossible to break even.  
  • Clark22Clark22 Registered Users, Member 324 Posts
    Good stuff so far. As a vet player from each of the previous years game, the cheating is over the top. It used to at least be a situation where you could still outplay the cheaters and at least keep up, no more.
  • johncheeverjohncheever Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    It's a fun game that can be made better with tweaks below:

    1. Customized lineups: Be able to set the batting order.

    2. Improve fielding AI by adding cut-off throws:  Often an outfielder will catch a fly on the warning track and then (improbably/impossibly) gun down a runner tagging from 3rd!  Not only that, no baserunner moves up while the ball is in the air for this long period!

    3. Allow mid-inning pitching changes: allow replacing pitchers mid-inning.  Often a starter gets lit up in the 6/7th for like 7 runs with no chance to insert a reliever and stop the bleeding!

    4. Full control over changes: be able to select a player from the entire bullpen or bench when selecting a new pitcher or a pinch batter or runner, not just whatever two random players the computer decides.
  • Roadkill1214Roadkill1214 Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    Would like to see stats get changed weekly if a player is in a slump bump him down or if someone is Red Hot give him a plus 2 hitting 
  • SportsFanSportsFan Registered Users, Member 2 Posts

    I agree with many of these ideas. Somehow we should be able to protect part of our 2016 team. even if it is just half the team or 7-8 players. The others get dropped into the FA pool.

    HR Derby SUCKS... get rid of it....

    5* teams DO NOT NEED Late, second or first round picks. Most have no need for #1 picks either

    Make the #1 picks actually worthwhile. Getting a 3* player with a #1 pick shouldn't happen. They should be at least 4 or 4.5*

    Platoon players between lefty/righty situations.

    Let us complete our own batting lineup.

    Easier to get gold.

    When offering rewards, make sure that it is something the team can use.

    Players who play multiple positions should be allowed to play them here as well.

    Have updates more often.

    Team should compete against teams in same level as them. A 'Veteran" should not have to play against a "star" or "all-star" level team.

  • ResevoirdogsResevoirdogs Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    As the year progresses, dedicated players no longer have use for many of the "prizes". 
    Draft picks and franchise coins are useless at this time of year if you started months ago. 

    Allow for for a SELL BACK feature for gold. If I have a #1 draft pick and I cannot get value for it, I should be able to get gold by selling it back to Glu. 
    Same with Blue Bucks. 
  • iambucketheadiambuckethead Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    Add the option to steal or bunt freely, not just when the algorithm decides it's an option. 

    Allow for lineup changes during the game freely. 
  • Oakland RivercatsOakland Rivercats Registered Users, Member 193 Posts

    Allow for lineup changes during the game freely. 
    I understand not getting to pinch hit in the 4th.  But I value a pinch hitter when i'm up by 1 in the 8th as much as i do when i'm tied.  
  • JabroniMcstevenJabroniMcsteven Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    The Glitch Mob and all the 15 yr old c0mrade's or Jonathan James' of the world should be removed from the game in its entirety.

    They have a negative value to Glu as a business and are reverse engineering your application to the point of Kindall meets Gates.  The business plan is in shambles if banning the cheaters is not clear as day.  Maybe it's a little blurry - i'd then advise a cyber security administrator but more importantly I would start learning, reviewing, understanding your intellectual property laws!

    Easily avoidable - remove the players that have breached your privacy terms and keep the dedicated, tax paying citizens that enjoy the game for the game and not the gratification of feeling superior based on misuse and misfortune.

  • Uw10Uw10 Registered Users, Member 66 Posts
    And I agree with what most are saying tho one thing is this. ..If someone has 11 or 12 speed and they can steal every base why not home and why no in the park hr ever for anyone
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