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Day 3 of being jailed for winning 2 5k games on thursday, and here's the response I receive from customer support: 

"Upon review of your account, we found unusual activities resulting in high balances of credits acquired using an unauthorized cheat tool or exploit in our game. 

Your account has been flagged for abuse.

If we detect any further activity of this kind, we will have to take further measures against you including, but not limited to, revoking of your license to use Glu Mobile games. Please review our terms of use at this link:

Your compliance with all provisions of our terms of use is required in order to continue using Glu’s products.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation - it is most appreciated."

Now, I don't use a "cheat tool" or an "exploit" in their game (didn't even know these exist, guess thats how some have gotten signature-legends that don't even exist). Of course some will say "ya right". Nothing I can do as you can't prove a negative. I responded by asking what specifically their review showed that made them conclude that I was using a "cheat tool" or "exploit." What was their response? Nothing, as expected and in accordance with their stellar history of doing business honestly and addressing customer concerns. Also no response because they know I didn't use any of those things, I won my gold legit through HR derby, which I was able to do by getting good sluggers which I did at first by purchasing gold. Also, everyone knows that anyone that played and won a 5k game on thursday when the hr event first started was jailed. I highly doubt that all of the 3048334524 people that were jailed all use "cheat tools" or "exploits." So in essence they've stolen from me and all the others that have been jailed, they stole the money we've spent on this game by taking the benefit we were supposed to receive from those purchases. This company is run by crooks. 


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    They finally responded but with this BS response 

    We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble!

    The account in question has been flagged for results that appear to be operating outside the abilities of normal play.  The account may continue to play the game but it will not progress in any leaderboards or club events.  The club can continue as normal but will not receive any points from the flagged account(s).  This is a permanent effect for any account identified by our detection system.

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
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    So are they telling you that it is a permanent jailing? 
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    That's what I get from that message
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    I have played Believeand19 several times in the Derby. Never once has he cheated! I have beat him well over 50% of the time. Shame on GLU for making an accusation without actual proof! 

    I too am "jailed." Anyone who has played me in the derby knows I don't cheat. Voices88 is not a cheater 
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