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can anyone tell me in detail how to work them and the best strategy ? Should I trade all my inactives for points ? Only level up 5 star people ? 


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    The best strategy is to join a good club, invest early in cash/gold/picks, and focus on upgrades & player level increases before you play beyond the number of games required to be allowed to join a club.  If you invest $200-300 up front and do that, you'll have a better team at a low level and win more often, thereby helping your club get more progress rewards, rank rewards, and loyalty.  Spend your loyalty points often and buy the loyalty boxes often.  It does suck that we can no longer collect in multiple clubs - so the initial investment may not be enough to keep leveling up like it was before the change because our "winnings" are far less that 2016 in general, and as stated only in one club per event... 
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    Invest $200-$300????  Trooper are you a glu shareholder?
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