Free gold, free boosts

Chuck49Chuck49 Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
the free boosts for watching videos don't work. I never get an edge by using them

free gold is ok if you can ever get to watch a video without waiting forever. I would use it much more often if the wait was less. 

Gold for goods and and services is very poor when you fill out endless questions that are totally repetitive. Especially comparing articles. 

If you actually buy something it works better. 


  • BoMorris23BoMorris23 New Member Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
    The offers that work are FEW and far between. NONE of the surveys work... not a single one. The only offers that I can say pay out every single time are the MLB 9 innings 2017, and Mobile Legends (not mobile strike).

    The Mobile Strike and Game of War are hit or miss. Some say they have success with them, but I don't. Once you spend 1-2 days leveling up, then you have to wait another 2-7 days to be paid. AND... Fyber is cutting down on paying out by asking for more and more proof.
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