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is it worth it in the long run to purchase the stadium gold option. I know there is several different levels hat is the cost per level and the daily gold amounts generAted


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    Your team will get jailed eventually after it reaches a certain amount of success, and all the money you will have spent on this game will have gone to waste. There are certain thresholds in the game that if you trigger your team gets banned/jailed, regardless of whether you achieved that success legitimately (e.g. amount of gold you accumulate, number of level 10 prime players or players of the month you have, etc.). GLU won't disclose what these thresholds are, and they seem to lower them every week. Some of the thresholds they increase a little based on how much money you've spent in the game, but the triggers are still there.  

    Then when you report the issue to customer service they just accuse you of cheating and refuse to unjail your team or refund the money you spent (you have to go through apple itunes or google play store to get your money back). 

    Amazing that a company can get away with this isn't it? 
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    Yes this hasn't gotten out for control. I have a legit team jailed.  They are taking your money and then jailing teams hoping you buy more or when iTunes and Google refunds happen they still keep their money. Glu needs to respond to these business practices. 
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    Nobody answered the OP's original question. I am also curious about whether the stadium gold option is worth getting?
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